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Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield

I worked in the Learning Center playing a coloring game. I enjoyed talking with the kids.

Gave 1.50 hours on 03/19/2019 with Drury University, Pi Beta Phi, Matthew 25 Project
Pi Beta Phi

We worked the Freemont Carnival, I did face paint and read books.

Gave 2.00 hours on 03/07/2019 with Drury University
Pi Beta Phi

We walked the Phi Beta Phi street and picked up trash

Gave 1.00 hour on 03/06/2019 with Drury University
Pi Beta Phi

I volunteered at the valentines dance at the elementary school. I got there at 4:30 and helped decorate/set up and then worked the craft table once the dance started.

Gave 3.00 hours on 02/01/2019 with Drury University
Pi Beta Phi

I volunteered at one of the alumn's events at bass pro. I was in charge of childcare. Two other women and myself took care of eight kids between the ages of a 7 month old to a 7 year old. We were in a conference room with lots of stuffed animals, which was not the best setting for a bunch of kids spending hours away from their parents. The Pi Phi Alumna and the parents were all very grateful. I then helped clean up at the end of the night.

Gave 5.00 hours on 09/28/2018 with Drury University
Pi Beta Phi

On Friday afternoon I worked the Lemonade For Literacy stand outside of the commons. We ended up having to move the stand inside because the rain picked up but we still had a pretty good turn out and it was fun. I really enjoy being able to do things on campus with my sisters because then everyone gets to see that I am a Pi Phi.

Gave 1.00 hour on 09/21/2018 with Drury University
GivePulse profile picture of Presley Groce Presley Groce  2 years ago
I actually only worked 40 minutes but it would not let you record less than an hour.
Matthew 25 Project

Last Wednesday the Boys and Girls Club came to spend an evening with us. We met in the Hobblit Suite. We talked with the kids, getting to know their interests. Then we fed them dinner and played games. We played several rounds of bingo with lots of cool prizes, yard games like ring toss, and made bracelets/necklaces at a craft table. After just a short period of time the kids were hugging us and saying "I love you". It was very cool to see how just a little quality time can positively impact someones day, mine included.

Gave 2.00 hours on 09/12/2018 with Drury University