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Jobs for Life



Jobs for Life is a program which focuses on the practical skills required for obtaining a job, as well as the soft-skill character building necessary to maintain a job and thrive in the workplace.

Jobs for Life is great for anyone look for employment, or just looking for BETTER employment. 

The course runs for 8 weeks, and we meet twice per week: Once on Sunday afternoons, once on Tuesday evenings. 

There are 10 available spaces for students. And 10 available spaces for Champions.  Each student is paired with a champion, who walks them through the course, guided by an instructor. 

Each student is sponsored, and we are asking for financial contributions to sponsor our ten students. 

If you are interested in being a student, champion, financial sponsor, or if you would like further information, please email Cassie Binkley at or call/text 417-812-6287.
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